Cosmetic Animal Testing Experiments Pictures

The laboratory animal cosmetic testing pictures expose the secret world of experimenting on live animals to test cosmetics, lipsticks, toiletries, shampoos, skincare, deodorants, colourants, sun care, make up, mascara and other beauty products.

Pictures of cruel animal cosmetic testing on rabbits, dogs, cats, mice, guinea pigs, rats and monkeys are shown on this unique cosmetic animal testing experimentation image gallery.

These graphic, iconic animal cosmetic testing pictures were taken undercover in cosmetic research laboratories by Brian Gunn, Secretary General of the International Association Against Painful Experiments on Animals.

Through the lens of his camera Brian Gunn has exposed the ugly side of the beauty business.


Rabbit Testing
Primate animal testing

It is an animal testing fact that because of costs, animal rights campaigns and new European laws, cosmetic experiments on live animals are now being transferred from animal laboratories in America and Europe to Asia’s notorious vivisection research laboratories.  In some countries there is no law controlling animal tests.

Draize Eye testing

The cosmetic animal cruelty testing pictures include the unscientific and outdated Draize eye irritancy test and the LD 50 acute toxicity poisoning test.

Make Up

Pain is not beautiful